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Muslim youth disguised himself as a Hindu to get married, called himself an inspector, after Jayamala the truth was exposed in the pavilion – Bollywood Keeda

Govind Patel, Kushinagar. A sensational case of love jihad came to light in a village of Ahirauli police station area. In which first a young man entraps a Dalit girl in his love trap by giving her her number on the way. The boy identified himself to the girl as Aryan Prasad who introduced himself as an inspector in Uttar Pradesh Police.

When the girl’s father came to know about their love affair, he took information about the boy from his daughter. When we talked to the boy, the boy described himself as a resident of Gorakhpur and said that he was currently posted in Basti. On the request of the girl’s father, the young man first sent someone to the girl’s house pretending to be his father. The man who allegedly became the boy’s father liked the girl. Then the girl’s father went to Gorakhpur and saw the boy’s house. When both sides agreed, the wedding date was fixed as per Hindu customs. Cards were printed from both sides in which the girl’s side got the cards printed as per Buddhist customs. The boy’s side, as per Hindu customs, got a card made with the address of Gorakhpur.

When it was time for the wedding procession to arrive, the boy told that his mother died of shock due to non-payment of dowry. That’s why I won’t be able to come for the wedding, I’m taking the wedding procession back. When the daughter’s father and family requested her over the phone, he himself drove a decorated Swift car and arrived to conduct the marriage. Uttar Pradesh Police personnel are also deployed on the vehicle. There was a Jaimala ceremony at the girl’s house and the wedding ceremony began in the mandap. Seeing the jewelery brought by the boy, the women of the house suspected that it was fake, after which an uproar started. When the boy was interrogated a little harshly, the wig (fake hair) came off from his head. Then the girl was also surprised to see this. When the family members asked sternly, the boy was identified as Tabrez Alam, resident of Nagar Panchayat Mathauli located in Kaptanganj police station area. The issue of getting married by giving fake name and religion spread like wildfire. After the information, the police arrived and took the young man, who had come to get married after hiding his religion and identity, into custody and went to the police station.

The bride told that she met the young man on the road a year ago. After a lot of chasing, he told me his name was Aryan Prasad and his religion was Hindu and he gave me his number. He also described himself as an inspector in the police department and said that marry me because car and money are everything and I don’t even want dowry. When the family members came to know about it, they also agreed. Started talking about dowry on the wedding day. After the request, he came home alone to get married. Here he had a wig on his head, he was a Muslim, I did not know anything about it. Now my father took a loan for my marriage and lakhs of rupees were wasted in the preparations.

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The daughter’s mother was shocked and told that we had called our relatives to wish our youngest daughter to get married, but how did we know that this would happen to us. All the wishes were dashed along with the mehendi and mandap of the daughter’s hands. Strict action should be taken against such fraudsters. We are from a poor family, we incurred a debt of lakhs in our daughter’s marriage and also got a stain on our heads.

The girl’s father told that he had three sons and three daughters, all of whom were already married. When the matter of daughter’s love affair came to light, at first glance, when the boy belonged to our community, he agreed to marry her for the happiness of his daughter. It was the last marriage of the family, so I sold 3 kathas of my 10 kathas of land for five lakhs. Bought all the things to be given to the daughter and cooked food for 200 people at home for the wedding and brought sweets so that the wedding could take place with pomp. But when the boy was identified, we were shocked. Because the boy was a Muslim and none of his words were correct. I informed the police because this boy has betrayed us by hiding his religious identity. There is a request to the police and administration that he should be given strict punishment.

When BJP leader Sanjay Singh Munna came to know about the entire matter, he reached the victim’s family. After talking to the family members, in front of the media, CM Yogi Adityanath demanded that strong action should be taken against the people with such love jihad mentality and their houses should also be demolished by using bulldozers to bury such mentality.

On the whole matter, Additional SP of Kushinagar district, Abhinav Tyagi said that in a village of Ahiroli police station area, the police got information that a person had come to get married after hiding his religion. A case is being registered and investigation is being done on the complaint of the girl’s father.

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