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Motorcycle Chain Care: Motorcycle chain will remain shiny and smooth, learn easy tips – Bollywood Keeda

Motorcycle Chain Care: After the rain, during cold days, you will often notice that the chain of your bike or bicycle gets rusted. Due to lack of oiling, the iron chain also starts rusting which starts weakening it. In such a situation, its care becomes very important, otherwise the bike or cycle chain gets damaged within a short time.

So through this news we are telling you about some tips and tricks using which the chain can be maintained properly. These tricks are effective in cleaning not only the chains on bicycles or bikes but also small and big chains used for many other purposes.

Park the motorcycle on the center stand (Motorcycle Chain Care)

Find a clean and flat surface to park the motorcycle on the center stand. If your motorcycle does not have a center stand, you can purchase a paddock stand. And it can be used to jack up a two-wheeler. Parking the two-wheeler on the center stand instead of keeping it on the side stand will help you in rotating the chain and sprocket.

Correct way to clean chain (Motorcycle Chain Care)

Use Chain Cleaning Agent (WD-40) or kerosene to clean the chain, apart from this, keep a good Chain Cleaning brush with you, not only this, keep a Chain lube Spray with you. Keep a dry cloth with you to clean the dirt. Now first of all put the bike on the main stand, after that spread some dirty cloth or an old newspaper below, after this open the chain guard and then sprinkle Chain Cleaning Agent (WD-40) or kerosene on the entire chain and Then with the help of spray the dirt stuck in the chain will start falling down. After this, clean the chain thoroughly with the help of a brush. Try to rub it completely so that the accumulated dirt is also cleaned. After some time, spray WD-40 on the chain again and clean it with a clean cloth. After this, start the bike in first gear and leave it and switch off the bike after 1 minute. After this, clean the chain properly with the help of Chain Lube.

Use lubricant (Motorcycle Chain Care)

The biggest reason for chain damage is not timely lubrication. Due to not using lubricant in the chain, the lubricity of the chain gets lost and the chain sprocket starts getting worn out and gets damaged. If lubricant is not used in the chain for a long time then the chain gets damaged due to rust. Therefore, it is important to always use lubricant in the chain.

Wipe off excess grease (Motorcycle Chain Care)

After applying lubricant, use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess lubricant from the chain. Due to this your motorcycle will run very well.


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