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More diseases can be diagnosed through AI in Delhi AIIMS lab – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi , In the modern smart lab of AIIMS Delhi, more diseases can now be diagnosed with AI than before. This includes screening for early detection markers of Alzheimer’s, cancer, achalasia and many other diseases.

Now through testing, neuro disorders like stroke can also be detected earlier. This information was given by Dr. Sudeep Dutta, Chairman of the Department of Lab Medicine on Wednesday.

He said that with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smart labs, more tests are being done than before. Doctors said that now 30 to 40 percent of test reports are being given within four hours. Whereas other reports are ready within 12 hours.

About 80 to 90 thousand tests of about 100 types are being conducted daily in the Smartlab of AIIMS under the Department of Laboratory Medicine, while about 5 to 6 thousand samples are being collected daily. In this regard, HOD of Smart Lab Department, Prof. Sudeep Dutta said that due to AI and robotic equipment, both doctors and patients are benefiting.

How is Artificial Intelligence working?

Dr. Dutta told that Artificial Intelligence is used in the smart lab of AIIMS to generate the results of test reports. This is the initial level. For this, rule based algorithm has been developed. Due to which 40 to 50 percent of the reports get auto validated. These experts do not have to review it manually. All these are less critical or non-critical reports, whereas if any critical report comes then the doctor reviews it. This information is available through the Rule Best algorithm.

What is the benefit?

Dr. Dutta says that all the samples pass through the automatic system. About 50 percent of these reports do not have to be processed manually by doctors. Because of this the work load on doctors is decreasing. Apart from this, it not only saves some time but also makes it possible to employ expert doctors for important tasks. Ultimately the patients also benefit from this. The number of test reports may increase further in the coming times.

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