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Monkey King: Have to eat banana and get Rs 70000 – Bollywood Keeda

Anokhi Naukari: There are many such jobs around the world, which you might have never imagined about. In this series, Wuzhishan Scenic Area in Hebei province of China has come up with a unique job. This job is to become ‘Monkey King’, that is, in this the person will have to wear the costume of ‘Monkey King’ and live in a cave and eat bananas given by the tourists.

Things related to this unique job

Wuzhishan Scenic Area is a tourist destination, which has recently announced a job which is being discussed a lot on social media. This job is more about passion and cultural representation than academic qualifications. In fact, here the ‘Monkey King’ named Sun Wukong is popular in Chinese legend. In such a situation, people are being searched to play the iconic character of ‘Monkey King’.

How much salary will you get?

Whichever candidate will be selected for this job, his office will not be in any building, but in a cave under a mountain and his salary will be around Rs 70,000 per month. However, in this the candidate will not only have to wear a monkey mask and dress up as the ‘Monkey King’, but will also have to engage with the tourists and eat the bananas given by them.

What did the company manager say?

According to a manager of Wuzhishan Scenic Area, two candidates have been selected for this job and now only one more candidate is needed. He also said that candidates do not need to eat food served by tourists on the spot, so no one should be worried about their health. Along with this, an electric heater has also been installed inside the cave to protect from cold.

What is the story of Monkey King?

According to the information, the story of Monkey King is about Sun Wukong, a monkey born from a stone, who receives powers from a Taoist martial artist. Wukong carries a magic wand, fights like a warrior and roams on the clouds. Along with this, he also accompanies Tang Sanzang on his ‘Journey to the West’ to collect Buddhist sutras in India.


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