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Amethi. In Amethi, UP, a Maulana was having fun with a girl at night by playing obscene songs. Meanwhile, the villagers caught Maulana red handed. The whole matter is of Mojamganj under Kotwali area Jais.

It is being told that this act of Maulana was going on for a long time. The local people were angry with this action of Maulana. Some people of his own community were keeping an eye on Maulana. Late on Wednesday night the girl was seen by people entering Madhiya next to the mosque. After that, more than two dozen villagers along with women arrived and caught Maulana and the girl celebrating.

There is a mosque in Tikra Bagh Goda Bagiya near Mojamganj in Jais Kotwali area. A Maulana was living in that mosque for about seven years. The Maulana living in the mosque always wore a mask, due to which no one had seen his face and appearance till date. There is also doubt over his name and original residence. The local people were suspicious of Maulana, who was hiding his identity. When the villagers increased surveillance on Maulana’s activities, the suspicion started turning into reality.

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Late on Wednesday night, villagers saw a local girl going to Madhiya next to the mosque. After that, at around 1.15 am, two dozen men and women spread around the mosque to know the truth. Inside Madhiya, an obscene song was playing on the buffer and sound. When a young man from the crowd entered the luxurious bedroom in Madhiya, Maulana and the girl were caught having fun.

When the young man shouted, the people present around the mosque surrounded him and gathered the villagers by shouting loudly to make them aware of the reality of the Maulana. The villagers informed the Jais police about this. Police reached the spot after receiving the information and caught Maulana and the girl and took them to the police station.

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