Makeup Mistakes: These small mistakes of yours spoil expensive makeup products, take these precautions while using them – Bollywood Keeda

Makeup Mistakes: As much as makeup or cosmetic products are needed to look beautiful, it is equally important to use those products properly. It is also possible that you buy the most expensive make-up product but due to a little carelessness, it gets ruined even before you can recover the price. Often you must have noticed that the lipstick you bought recently, despite being of a good brand and priced at a high price, gets spoiled very quickly.

If this has happened, then first of all pay attention to whether you have made any mistake in its handling which may have affected it. Today we will tell you about some such mistakes due to which the makeup product is getting spoiled.

Lipstick (Makeup Mistakes)

Lipstick is the life of the smile on the face. If you go to the market to buy a good and branded lipstick, it will start from a thousand rupees. Imagine, you can use such lipstick only once or twice and then what will happen to your heart if it breaks. Therefore, whenever you want to apply lipstick, it is important to handle its case carefully. Opening, closing and placing it too fast can cause the lipstick to break. Not only this, it is also important to store lipstick properly. So that he has a long life.

Concealer (Makeup Mistakes)

Concealer is used to hide blemishes on the face. But if it is not kept properly then it becomes difficult to remove its stains from the face. After using concealer, make a habit of applying its lid properly. There is a fear of the concealer spreading if its tube or vial does not close properly. Due to which it will finish quickly and will spoil other items also.

Mascara (Makeup Mistakes)

The mascara that gives new life to the eyes dries very quickly. Never forget to close it properly after using it, otherwise it is possible that the mascara which lasts for a few days gets spoiled after just one or two uses. If the lid remains loose, the mascara gradually starts getting spoiled.

Compact (Makeup Mistakes)

Compact powder is usually like a cake, which is packed in a box. Some people use too much force to puff the compact, due to which the compact breaks in the box itself. While taking out the compact, use the puff with less pressure so that the brick of the compact does not break.

Eyeliner (Makeup Mistakes)

If the eyeliner is a pencil or pen, then close it properly after using it. If it is a liquid or gel liner, then it is more important to maintain its brush properly than its material. Because, if the liner brush gets damaged then your entire creativity will fail. Therefore, after using liner, keep its brush safely.

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