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Lover turned into a beast: Chilli powder was put in the private part of live-in girlfriend, the victim shared the video and said – He has a relationship with another girl, he forces her to have sex with me… – Bollywood Keeda

Crime News. A heart-wrenching case has come to light. A live-in girl has made serious allegations against her boyfriend by sharing a video on social media. The girl said that her boyfriend has an affair with another girl and he forcibly has physical relations with me and beats me up when I protest. The victim alleges that her lover put chilli powder in her private parts.

The whole matter is of Greater Noida. Although the girl and the boy were living together in a housing society in Greater Noida West for the last two years, there was a dispute between the two for the last few months. The dispute escalated so much that the boy became his girlfriend’s enemy. Recently a young man put chilli powder in his girlfriend’s private part. After this incident, the victim reached the police and requested for help. A video of this has also surfaced. In which the victim is narrating her entire ordeal.

While releasing the video, the victim said, “I have been living in a live-in relationship with a boy in Greater Noida West for the last two years. A few months ago, another girl came into my boyfriend’s life. After which my boyfriend started harassing me. My boyfriend has physical relations with me without my permission. When I refuse to have physical relations, he beats me. “I am being harassed for the last several months.”

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The victim further said, “When I came to know that my boyfriend was in a relationship with someone else, I protested against it, but when I protested, my boyfriend beat me up. After which I went to his house and complained, but the boy’s family did not support me but supported their wrong boy. I was told not to complain about this anywhere. I was forbidden to go to the police. Recently, the live-in young man wanted to forcefully have physical relations with me, but when I refused, he put chilli powder in my private parts. Fed up with this harassment, I have come to the police.”

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