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Let your gait tell your every condition, the secret of every good-bad and merit-demerit hidden within… – Bollywood Keeda

The way you walk reflects your personality: The way you walk reflects your personality. Are you a fast walker? Slow moving? Take long strides? Studies show that our walking styles, including steps and speed, can reveal many important traits about our personality. Read on to find out what your go-getter personality reveals about you.

  1. If a person keeps his eyes down while walking, it shows that he lacks self-confidence and self-control. Some bad experiences in life have hurt his heart. They do not like to meet people much. They like to live in their own imaginary and dream world. The laziness within them makes them lack luster. Due to their irritable nature, they talk to very few people and are unable to express their feelings to anyone and prefer to speak less during conversations. The burden of home, work, job, business and relationships etc. always remains on their shoulders. Such people consider their circumstances and other people responsible for their problems and obstacles.
  2. It is a habit of many people to use any object while walking. If a person falls in this category, it shows how lonely and insecure he feels within himself. They hesitate in making friends and making contacts with them and look for new excuses, shelters or easy ways in every task. These people cannot travel any distance empty handed and consider it essential to have any item or object in their hand, like pencil, diary, book etc. They are not able to express their feelings and prefer to speak less during conversation. The burden of home, work, job, business and relationships etc. always remains on their shoulders. Such people consider their circumstances and other people responsible for their problems and obstacles.
  3. If a person walks with open hands and waving hands, it shows that that person is very sensitive, self-reliant and confident. He talks to people without hesitation and is not afraid to do any new work. He has the ability to accept every new change and event. They strongly hate lies and deceit. They like simple answers to simple things and like cleanliness in their lifestyle.

4. If a person walks with his hands folded or close to his sides, it means that he is more self-respecting than necessary. He likes to make his own rules and principles etc. Such people remain firm on things and try to fulfill the promises and commitments made. They listen to everyone, but act as per their own wish. Instead of taking help from others, they prefer to solve their problems themselves. If they go after one thing, they die only after reaching its root.

5. If a person’s hands remain open while walking, but do not move, then it shows that the person is serious. There is always some thought going on in their mind. Trying to sail on two boats simultaneously leads to adverse results in life. Due to lack of self-confidence, they are unable to make proper planning and draw conclusions at the right time or miss it. They have a habit of criticizing others and finding faults in their work.

6. If a person walks with open hands and the fists of both his hands remain closed while walking, then it shows various talents hidden within. Such people, due to their active thinking, sooner or later somehow reach their goal. Their thoughts, lifestyle, habits, nature etc. are different from the common man and along with this, the joys, sorrows, experiences and results of life are also different. There is a miraculous power in their speaking, which easily attracts people.

7. If the eyes and face keep moving here and there while walking, then it shows that such a person is always trying to do something new. Their ambitions keep instigating them to make contacts with people senior and experienced than them. They are excessively fearless, courageous and self-confident. They have to wait a long time to get the work or thing they want. Many times they are not able to use their energy and work power in the right direction.


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