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Lemon Cultivation News: You can earn lakhs from lemon cultivation, by planting it once you will get profit for 12 years… – Bollywood Keeda

Lemon Cultivation News: You must have heard about many benefits of lemon. Due to the abundant amount of Vitamin C in it, doctors also recommend its consumption. Due to increasing awareness towards health, consumption of lemon has also increased. In summer their prices also reach the sky. But do you know that many farmers are earning more than Rs 1.5 lakh every month from lemon farming.

Farmers are getting rich from paper lemons

The paper variety of lemon is becoming very popular these days. One plant of which is available for around Rs 200. A plant gives fruits continuously for 12 years. Not only this, this variety of lemon produces more fruits than normal. One plant produces 3000 to 5000 fruits. Due to this, farmers are earning better profits. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

farmers planting lemon orchards

Many farmers have planted 200-300 plants of paper lemon in their fields. In which production is less in the beginning. But gradually the production increases. After which farmers can earn a profit of more than Rs 1.5 lakh every month from lemon farming.

general care required

Lemon plants of this particular variety require normal care after transplantation. After good care the production can also be good. Due to which farmers harvest crops up to three times a year. In these, 15 thousand to 20 thousand pieces of lemon can be easily extracted at one time. A piece of lemon is sold for at least Rs 3 in the wholesale market. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

Pay attention to pests and diseases to avoid losses

There is a possibility of many types of pests and diseases in lemon cultivation. Which needs to be identified in time. Due to which farmers may also suffer financial loss. Paper lemon is affected by diseases like lemon butterfly, leaf miner, citrusilla and citrus canker. Which can be saved by the use of pesticides.


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