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Kulhad Reuse Ideas: Do you also throw away the Kulhad after using it once? So reuse them like this – Bollywood Keeda

Kulhad Reuse Ideas: Gradually people are using earthen pots to reduce the use of plastic things and promote the use of Kulhad or things made of clay. Earlier only tea was served in Kulhad. But nowadays pizza, momos, ice cream, kulfi, falooda and what not are being served in Kulhad.

Most people use the Kulhar once and throw it away. In such a situation, instead of throwing it away, you can use it very beautifully at home. Kulhars are available in many sizes from small to large and medium. You can use it at home as per your need. So today we will tell you how you can reuse Kulhar.

How to Reuse Kulhad (Kulhad Reuse Ideas)

First of all, wash the kulhar in water and dry it. If you want, you can decorate or paint the axes and then reuse them for these things.

to plant trees

You can use kulhad for planting small plants. You will find many such plants in the market whose size is quite small, which you can plant in a pot and keep it well decorated. Kulhar is very small and takes less space, hence you can keep it decorated in the room also.

set curd

Curd sets very well in earthen pots, you can use unused axes to set curd. Clean the kulhad, add curd, rennet and milk in it and leave it to set. Once the curd sets, easily serve one Kulhar to each person.

do baking

You can use Kulhar in the kitchen to bake many things including cakes, brownies, pizza, pasta etc. Anyway, Kulhar Pizza and Cake is becoming quite famous in the market. You can also enjoy the taste by baking your favorite things in Kulhar in your kitchen.

to store things

You can use Kulhar to store your makeup products. For this, clean the Kulhar and decorate it as per your wish and then use it to store many things including comb, kajal and lipstick.

to measure grain

You can use Kulhar to measure or take out rice, pulses and flour kept in your kitchen.


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