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In winter, your feet smell bad due to wearing socks and shoes all day long, so adopt these tips to get rid of this problem… – Bollywood Keeda

During winter we wear shoes and socks all day long. Due to this, the feet start smelling. Sometimes the smell of feet increases so much that we even have to feel embarrassed. Due to this, itching also starts in the feet. In such situations, sometimes we start feeling uncomfortable. But if you take special care of some things, you can get relief from foot odor. So let us know some tips to prevent foot odor in winter.

take care of cleanliness

During winter we wear socks all day long. Due to this, bacteria start growing in the socks, which can cause increased odor. In such a situation, it is important that you take full care of hygiene. After taking off the socks, clean the feet thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water. Also, clean your feet properly while bathing. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

Use anti-fungal powder

Due to not maintaining hygiene, bacteria start increasing in the feet, which can cause bad smell in the feet. To get relief from this, you can use anti-fungal powder. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in reducing infection.

get a pedicure

Pedicure is not just a beauty treatment but also a way to maintain hygiene. By getting pedicure done, the feet can be cleaned properly. This also keeps your feet soft and smooth. It also provides relief from foot odor.

change socks daily

If you use the same socks again and again, you may be at risk of fungal and bacterial infections. Also keep in mind that you should wear only wool socks, this keeps the feet warm. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

Moisturize your feet too

If you do not keep your feet moisturized, bacteria start growing in your feet due to dryness. Due to this, foul smell starts coming from the feet. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize your feet after bathing.

Baking soda

Add baking soda in lukewarm water and soak your feet for some time. This will clean your feet and also provide quick relief from foot odor. Actually, essential properties are found in baking soda, which help in deep cleansing of the skin.


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