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In this strange class, people do yoga while drinking beer, this trend has been going on for years – Bollywood Keeda

Considering today’s lifestyle and eating habits, good health and mental health have become very important. Whenever it comes to good health, only the name of Yoga comes to mind. Doing yoga is considered very good for the body, you must already know about yoga. The importance of yoga is now being understood not only in India but also in many countries of the world. Whereas in Denmark, yoga is done in a very strange way. Let us know.

beer yoga
Yoga is done in a very strange way in Denmark. The people there are very eager to do this. This yoga is called Beer Yoga (Beer Yoga Denmark). Some time ago, news agency AFP had posted a video on its social media account Twitter. In which some people were seen doing Yoga with Beer on the roadside in Copenhagen, Denmark, the capital of Denmark. But this yoga is quite different from common yoga. In this, people are also drinking beer along with doing yoga. People here call it beer yoga.

It can be seen in the picture that people are in yoga posture and are drinking beer from a beer can with one hand. Now it is difficult to say how healthy this yoga is. But this strange concept is attracting people’s attention.

In these Beer Yoga classes, it can be seen that while doing yoga, people are holding a can in their hands and moving it back and forth like a dumbbell.

People are sipping cold beer while doing yoga. According to the information, these Beer Yoga classes have been going on for the last 4 years. It has become very popular among the people who do it. In this, people are holding a can in their hands while doing yoga and are moving it back and forth like a dumbbell.

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