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Impact of news: Dead body of a woman from Pando tribe was found under suspicious circumstances, big reveal will happen soon – Bollywood Keeda

Sudeep Upadhyay, Balrampur. The news of the death of a woman of Pando tribe under suspicious circumstances in Keravapara of Gram Panchayat Phulidumar under Basantpur police station of Balrampur district was prominently broadcast by Bollywood Now the police is investigating this incident from every angle. There may be a big revelation in the matter soon. Let us tell you that recently, the dead body of a Pando woman was found hanging in her own house under suspicious circumstances. On which the husband had filed an application demanding an impartial investigation from the police.

According to the information, on November 12, the hanging body of woman Rajpati Pando, resident of Kervapara of Panchayat Phulidumar, was found in the house. Due to which sensation spread in the area. The deceased’s husband Rampati Pando works as a laborer living in Chennai. The woman’s daughter is also married and lives with her husband. The deceased woman lived alone in her house.

The neighbors came to know about this incident when they found his house locked. After opening the lock in the evening, people were surprised to see the hanging body of the woman inside, because a day earlier the deceased woman had invited a woman from the neighborhood to her house and had food and drinks together. A neighbor boy from next door was also involved in eating and drinking.

Seeing the dead body of Rajpati hanging, the neighbors informed the Basantpur police and the husband of the deceased woman about the incident. The woman’s husband returned home from Chennai on 16 November, by which time the Basantpur police had conducted the post-mortem and buried the body. On the return of her husband, the villagers informed her about the whole story.

The husband of the deceased woman told that in the evening his wife had food and drinks with a woman from the neighbourhood. A boy from the neighborhood was also with him during that time. When it was late at night, the boy had driven away the woman from the neighborhood and in the morning the boy also told the woman that we had eaten and drank together. Don’t tell this to anyone. In this case, the husband of the deceased had given an application to Wadrafnagar SDOP demanding proper investigation into his wife’s death and action. On which assurance of fair investigation was given.


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