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If you are also troubled by your lean body, then instead of taking protein powder and supplements, increase your weight with these natural things… – Bollywood Keeda

Many people desire to look thin, lean and slim. To fulfill this desire, people exercise a lot, do workouts and to a great extent, they are successful in their objective. There are some people who try to gain weight, but weight does not increase just through workout. That’s why people start resorting to powders or supplements to gain weight. They do not even realize that everything needed to maintain weight and health is present in their own kitchen. They can also increase their weight naturally. Let us know about those food items by eating and drinking which you can increase your weight.


We are told since childhood that milk is a complete food. Before taking any kind of nutritional supplements, it is important to realize the power of milk once again. It is rich in fat, carbohydrates, proteins and also vitamins and minerals. Drinking milk after exercise helps in muscle growth. Read More – Poonam Pandey came alive ‘after death’, video surfaced…


People who are on diet avoid rice. Obviously rice is very helpful in increasing weight. Therefore, cook rice with vegetables and eat it with lentils. You will see a difference in weight.


Include potatoes in your diet along with working out. This will not only increase your weight but you will also not feel bodyless due to the workout. The starch present in potatoes is effective in increasing weight. But avoid eating chips or French fries.


To gain weight, eat as many cashews daily as you can hold in your fist. Eat cashews with milk or after soaking them. Read More – Ekta Kapoor gave a big offer to Ankita Lokhande! After Bigg Boss, she can be seen in this serial…


Eggs contain a good mixture of fat and protein. Therefore, to gain weight, eat boiled eggs and drink milk daily.


Paneer is beneficial for both those who are dieting or gaining weight. Paneer helps in feeling full quickly and reduces hunger. You can increase your weight by including cheese in large quantities in your diet.


Rich in calories and carbs, pasta is also a good source of weight gain. Include pasta made from whole grains in your diet. However, eating only pasta both the times can be harmful, so eat it like salad or vegetable.


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