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If you also have the habit of keeping a bun tied all day long, then know the disadvantages of keeping a bun for a long time… – Bollywood Keeda

Often many girls or especially new mothers develop a habit of taking their hands in their hair and lifting the hair hanging down completely up and clutching it or making a bun. After a certain age, Juda becomes a fixed hairstyle, which happens to almost all women. It is easy to make a bun, hair does not fall on the face and at the same time it feels less hot. Therefore it becomes a comfortable hairstyle. But do you know that making this relaxed hairstyle continuously every day can also cause disadvantages. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

Let us know the disadvantages of making a bun.

  1. Hair growth reduces by doing bun. Due to twisting in the same way every day, hair does not grow and its length remains short.
  2. Due to the bun, the hair remains bent all the time, due to which the hair gets stretched and becomes weak. Weak hair breaks and starts becoming lighter and the hair does not become thick. Read More – Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel crossed limits in the house, video going viral…
  3. Keeping a bun tied all the time puts pressure on one place on the head, which can also cause headaches. If care is not taken, it can also turn into migraine.
  4. By continuously pulling and tying a bun, the hairline can move back from the front, the forehead appears broad and the hair becomes less due to hair fall, which can spoil the entire look of the face. Pulling and tying can also cause stress on the nerves.
  5. By making a bun, women can easily do many types of work, like kitchen work, workout etc. But with this comfort comes infection and dirt. Because by working in a bun for a long time, sweat and dust get trapped in the bun, which affects the hygiene and there is a fear of infection.
  6. By continuously making a bun, the secretion of oil in that area increases. This makes the scalp oily and due to this it attracts even more dirt.
  7. Twisting your hair every day spoils its shape. If you make a bun every day, the shape of the hair remains the same. Then when you want to open your hair and do any hairstyle, it will still remain bent.

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