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How to identify whether an orange is sour or sweet…follow these easy tips – Bollywood Keeda

How to Identify Sweet Orange: Orange is very much liked in this season, and very good oranges are available in the market. Along with consuming it in a simple way, some people also extract its juice and drink it. In such a situation, the women of the house often buy oranges in large quantities from the market, but many times after buying the orange, they find out that it is dull or very sour.

In such a situation, today to solve your problem, let us tell you some hacks through which you can identify sweet oranges.

see weight understand

Whenever you go to the market to buy an orange, check its weight. If the orange is heavy then it means that it must be ripe.

press and see

Try pressing the orange lightly. If it looks flabby somewhere then do not buy it because such an orange can also get spoiled.

see the peel

To buy a sweet juicy orange, pay attention to its peel. If the peel is thick then it is possible that the orange is sour. If even the slightest stain is visible on the orange peel, then avoid buying it. Such oranges may be rotten from inside.

see texture

If the orange peel is more raised or rough on one side, it may be a sweet fruit in taste. Such oranges are fresh. If the orange is flabby then do not buy it at all, this fruit may be rotten.

try the smell

With the help of fragrance, you can identify how sweet an orange is (How to Identify Sweet Orange). For this, rub the orange peel lightly. After rubbing, smell its fragrance. If you feel sweetness in the aroma, it means that the orange will be delicious.

orange color

You will be surprised to know that the color of an orange has nothing to do with its sweetness. Many people believe this myth to be true that a green orange turns out to be raw or sour from inside. But it is not so. There are many varieties of oranges. Among these, there is a variety in which the color of the orange peel remains green or at some places it is green and at some places it is orange. Such an orange (How to Identify Sweet Orange) also turns out to be sweet and juicy from inside. Therefore, even if you see a green orange, check its weight and see whether it is hard or soft.


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