How to Boost a Facebook Post Effectively?

A couple of years ago, Facebook decided that it will only allow high-quality relevant content on the timelines of the users; something Google had been doing for years. While the step cleared up the newsfeeds of the Facebook users, it meant that businesses will not be able to reach their potential clients and customers without making genuine efforts.

The organic reach of the posts dropped at a stellar rate and still continue to drop, years after the change in Facebook’s algorithm.We have to understand that businesses have to evolve and bring in new ways to increase their annual revenue.

When Facebook negated the irrelevant posts from the timelines, they also gave businesses and e-commerce platforms a chance to reach their clients through paid posts, also known as ‘Boosted Posts’. This was a masterstroke by Facebook now businesses had to invest to advertise on the biggest social media marketing course is the best platform in the world.

What are ‘Boost Posts’?

A simple, yet effective Facebook advertising tool that enables the companies and businesses to distribute their content on the News Feeds of their target audience.

This might seem simple but for reaching the maximum audience and for effectively boosting your content, you need to understand the complex permutations that go into it.
Before boosting your Facebook Posts to increase your overall reach, you should:

  1. Have a well-thought strategy

You should know your own expectations and what you want from your posts. Creating a boosting strategy should be the first step. There can be many reasons to boost a certain post.

  • Promoting your personal blog, videos
  • Improving or increasing the brand awareness on and through Facebook
  • Bringing traffic to your website
  • Engaging with the customers and users [likes, shares, comments, etc]

You can spend as much or as little as you want to boost the posts, but that money will not mean anything if you haven’t strategized your approach.It is important to use your money on posts effectively.

  • Understand your target audience [based on what you are promoting]

Facebook gives the ability to the companies to reach an audience and target the potential customers based on Location, Gender, Age Group, Interests, Page Likes [fans, friends of fans, etc].

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