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Hot Oil Treatment for Hair: You get a lot of benefits by shampooing your hair, know here with which oil to do hot shampoo – Bollywood Keeda

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair: Just as you take extra care of your skin to protect it from changing weather and pollution, similarly you need to give extra care to your hair. Along with cleaning your hair, you should also nourish them. Especially the easiest and best way to nourish the hair is by oiling it i.e. shampooing it. Oiling not only provides proper nutrition to the hair but also removes dryness.

Although applying oil to hair is not a difficult task, but if you massage your hair with hot oil, the shine and strength of your hair can increase and you can also get many other benefits. Let us tell you what benefits your hair can get if you do hot oil hair massage at regular intervals.

Hair Growth (Hot Oil Treatment for Hair)

Many things affect the growth of hair. Not only due to dust or food habits but also due to excessive stress, hair growth stops. If you do hot oil massage then it will relieve your stress. It will happen and you will get relief. It also improves the blood circulation of your scalp. This also affects the growth of your hair. Massaging your hair with hot oil also helps you sleep well. Therefore, if possible, you should massage your hair with castor oil or coconut oil every day.

Preventing Hair Fall (Hot Oil Treatment for Hair)

If your hair falls excessively then you should massage with hot oil. Especially you should use almond oil rich in Vitamin E to massage your hair. This will strengthen your falling hair. Even if you want long and shiny hair, you should massage your hair with hot oil daily. Hot oil hair massage also repairs your hair cuticles. It gives new life to your lifeless hair.

Conditioning (Hot Oil Treatment for Hair)

If your hair is becoming very dry then you should condition it with coconut oil. It easily penetrates your hair follicles and moisturizes them from the roots. If you do this daily then you will not need to use any kind of chemical-based conditioner on your hair.

Remove dandruff (Hot Oil Treatment for Hair)

If you have a lot of dandruff in your hair and it is not getting cured even after treatment, then you should massage your hair with tea tree oil. This will remove dandruff from your hair and make them completely clean.

do straightening

If you are fond of straight hair, then you should give hot oil massage to your hair daily. For this you can use any oil. Heat the oil and apply it from the roots to the length of the hair. This will give your hair a shining as well as a straight look. When you shampoo your hair, after drying your hair will look quite straight.

get rid of split ends

Due to pollution and change in weather, many women develop split ends. Such hair starts falling after becoming dry. Besides, the growth of such hair also reduces. If you want that your hair does not have split ends, then first nourish them with coconut oil and always keep your hair covered.

Frizziness (Hot Oil Treatment for Hair)

The weather of India is mostly hot and there are humid summers here. Due to this also hair becomes frizzy. In such a situation, many women do not apply oil to their hair because they think that the hair will become sticky. Whereas hair needs moisture because hair becomes dry. Therefore, you should do hot oil massage daily and also wash your hair with mild shampoo.


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