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Hockey Wales CEO in UK suffers heart attack while jogging, then

London. The CEO of Britain’s Hockey Wales company realized the usefulness of smartwatches when his life was in danger due to a heart attack. In fact, 42-year-old Paul Waffam, CEO of Hockey Wales, was going for a morning run near his home in the Morriston area of ​​Swansea. At this very moment he felt severe pain in his chest. After this, somehow he managed to contact his wife through smart watch.

As soon as Paul received information about his heart attack, his wife took him to the hospital. Paul said, “I normally went for a run at 7 in the morning and within about five minutes I felt severe pain in my chest.” He further said, “I felt tightness in my chest and then I was on the road on my hands and knees. It was a little hard at first, but then it felt as if it was being squeezed like a vice, the pain was incredible. But I managed to use my watch to call my wife Laura.

Paul told that luckily I was only 5 minutes away from my wife, so she was able to take me to the hospital in the car. “She ran and called paramedics, who immediately came and took control of the situation,” he said.

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