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Many people are crazy about the beauty of actress Hiba Nawab, now a shocking video of her has surfaced. Hiba Nawab, who has stunned fans with her bold acts, has become difficult to recognize in the latest video. Now suddenly many changes are visible in the appearance of the actress. ‘Elaichi ji’ i.e. Hiba of ‘Jijaji Chhat Par Hain’ has now completely changed and in this video that has surfaced, she is seen talking about botox with her friend. So, is the reason why the face of the actress has changed so much now is due to any surgery or botox treatment? Let us know what is the secret behind this.

Hiba started looking 60 years old at the age of 27

Actually, Hiba Nawab herself has shared the video of this changed appearance on her official Instagram handle. In this video the actress is looking old at just 27 years of age. While other actresses are getting younger day by day, how Hiba became old at a young age is a big question in itself. In this video that has surfaced, a lot of wrinkles are visible on his face. Looking at Hiba Nawab, it seems as if she has turned 60 years old. Her friend seen with her is also in a similar condition. Aashna Kishore is also suddenly looking old. In such a situation, questions are arising in the minds of some people whether this is a reaction to something or something else. Read More – Poonam Pandey came alive ‘after death’, video surfaced…

What is the cause of old age?

So let us tell you, there is nothing like that, neither have these two actresses undergone any surgery nor have they resorted to botox. There was no reaction of any kind on his face. It’s just amazing the filters that both of them have used to shoot funny videos. In this viral video, Hiba Nawab and Aashna Kishore can be seen talking in Punjabi. Through this video, they have shown fans a glimpse of what these two will do and how they will talk in old age. During this, both are looking quite funny. This video of both of them is now being liked a lot on social media. Read More – Ekta Kapoor gave a big offer to Ankita Lokhande! After Bigg Boss, she can be seen in this serial…

Here are the fans’ reactions

Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘Hiba Madam, you are unrecognizable. Which one is it Hiba? Now Hiba madam is very good. We pray that you remain happy and beautiful like this. Even actor Jai Soni could not stop laughing after watching this video. So one user jokingly said, ‘Even under 30, you guys look old.’ One fan said, ‘Still looking beautiful.’ So someone wrote ‘Hello Aunty.’ One person wrote, ‘Old age has come early for both of you.’

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