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Healthy And Tasty Snacks For Winter: These snacks are beneficial for winter, definitely include them in the diet… – Bollywood Keeda

During the winter season, people want to keep their body warm and for this they take various measures. In such a situation, if you want to stay safe from cold and keep your body warm even in this harsh winter, then for this you will have to include those things in your diet which help in keeping your body warm. If you are also thinking of some such healthy and tasty snacks, then today we will tell you about some such snacks, which you can include in your diet to ward off cold and keep your body warm. And it also increases your immunity. By which seasonal diseases can also be avoided, so let us know about these snacks.

roasted gram

Roasted gram is an excellent source of protein and fiber, you can make it at home or buy it from the market, you can make it even more tasty by toasting it with olive oil and your favorite spices, it warms the body. Also helps you to do. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato also helps in warming the body, you can make delicious snacks with its help and can easily include it in your diet, children also like its French fries.

honey tea

If you want to keep your body warm in the cold season, then drink tea by adding honey because honey can help a lot in keeping the body warm, and you can also drink it by adding it to tea, black, red or green tea.


Chikkis are available in abundance in the market during the winter season. If you include chikkis with peanuts in your diet as a snack, it can easily warm your body. It would be better if you consume chikkis with jaggery. .

Spiced Almonds

You can also include spicy nuts in your diet in winter. It is not only tasty in taste but is also amazing for health.

hot soup

You can also keep your body warm by including hot soup in your diet. You can easily make vegetable or gram soup at home and drink it while sitting with your family. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

Fox Nut

Makhana is a very good option for snacks in winter. With the help of Makhana, you can make many items, it is also very beneficial for your health. A lot of fiber is found in it. At the same time, the amount of calories in it is also high, antioxidant properties are found in it, which helps a lot in increasing immunity. It is also considered beneficial for digestion.


Walnuts, rich in nutrients, are considered very beneficial for health, you can make walnuts a part of your diet to keep your body warm in winter. Healthy fats, vitamins and minerals are found in it, walnuts can be eaten by mixing them with peanuts or cashews.


Popcorn is a healthy snack in winter, there are many great benefits of eating it, fiber and antioxidants are found in sufficient quantity in it. Eating this keeps your stomach full for a longer time and it also helps you in reducing your weight.

Banana Bread

Important nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B are found in ripe banana. Which proves to be very helpful in increasing immunity in winter, you can make bread using it. The prepared bread is very tasty, it is also a healthy option for snacks in winter.


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