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Health Tips: Joint pain increases in winter due to Uric Acid, eating these things will provide relief… – Bollywood Keeda

Healthy diet is taken so that health remains healthy and health does not deteriorate. But, often we start consuming some things in excess, due to which instead of improving, our health starts deteriorating. Purine is also one such element which is found in many vegetables and food items. Uric acid is formed from purines, which the body automatically filters and removes. But, due to excessive consumption of purine, the amount of Uric Acid starts increasing and the body is not able to filter this increased High Uric Acid. Due to this, uric acid crystals start spreading in different parts of the body and cause severe knee pain in the joints.

Dirty uric acid also causes the problem of arthritis. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by knee pain due to uric acid in winter, then some such foods are being mentioned here, which help in reducing uric acid and their consumption can provide relief from knee pain. She goes. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

Foods that reduce uric acid


Coffee has amazing effect in reducing uric acid. Daily consumption of coffee slows down the process of breaking down of purines and converting them into uric acid and the uric acid is quickly filtered and removed from the body.


Apple also has a good effect in removing dirty uric acid from the body. Apple contains malic acid which is effective in reducing uric acid. Therefore, an apple can be included in your daily diet.


Berries rich in anti-inflammatory properties not only reduce uric acid, they can also be eaten to reduce swelling and pain in joints. Making berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries a part of the diet is beneficial in reducing uric acid. Read More – Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel crossed limits in the house, video going viral…

Lemon juice

Lemon rich in Vitamin C shows good effect on Uric Acid. Apart from lemon, eating orange, amla, guava, tomato and green leafy vegetables rich in Vitamin C also helps in reducing high uric acid.


Broccoli can be included in the diet to reduce uric acid. Broccoli is also a good source of fiber and is included among those vegetables which reduce increased levels of uric acid. Potatoes or corn can also be eaten to reduce uric acid.


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