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Health Tips: If your bleeding doesn’t stop even after a slight injury, then there could be a deficiency of this vitamin… – Bollywood Keeda

The body needs blood to function properly. Blood always keeps running in our body. In such a situation, when there is a scratch anywhere on the skin or a cut gets torn, it is natural to bleed. But this happens when the person is badly injured. There are some people who start bleeding even after a minor injury and the bleeding does not stop. Actually, it indicates some kind of disturbance in the body. Let us know about this in detail.

Why does blood flow at the slightest injury?

This problem is seen when there is deficiency of Vitamin K in the body. Vitamin K helps blood clot. Vitamin K helps in making a protein called prothrombin which plays a very important role in blood clotting. It also helps in wound healing. Read More – Ekta Kapoor gave a big offer to Ankita Lokhande! After Bigg Boss, she can be seen in this serial…

According to experts, if excessive bleeding occurs due to injury and blood clot does not form, the person may even die. Apart from this, this vitamin also benefits the body in other ways like it keeps the bones and heart healthy. What are the symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency? What are the symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency? Read More – Poonam Pandey came alive ‘after death’, video surfaced…

  1. Excessive bleeding with or without injury.
  2. Delay in stopping bleeding after injury.
  3. Wound does not heal quickly.
  4. Frequent bleeding from teeth or gums.
  5. Bleeding even while passing stool.
  6. Frequent nose bleeding.
  7. Excessive bleeding during menstruation.

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