Health Tips: Do not consume these things with tea even by mistake, it has a bad effect on health – Bollywood Keeda

Health Tips : People in India consume tea in maximum quantity. Tea is an important part of people’s lives. More than half of the country’s population is addicted to drinking tea. Tea is an energy drink, drinking tea provides many benefits to the body. But do you know that consuming some things with tea also causes many disadvantages. If you eat biscuits, pakoras or samosas with tea then you should avoid these things. Because consuming these things with tea can have adverse effects on your health. Let us know what should not be eaten with tea.

spicy dishes

Most of the people like to eat spicy things with tea but it has a very bad effect on health, like onion, garlic, hot sauce, chilli, all these things should never be eaten with tea, it has adverse effect on health.

sweet things

If you take sweet things like chocolate, biscuits, toast, cookies with tea then you should avoid them immediately. Although all these may taste delicious with tea, they increase your blood sugar level. That is why one should avoid eating sugary items with tea.

cool things

Eating cold things with hot tea can spoil your digestion. To avoid any effect on the digestive system, consume something at least half an hour before or after drinking tea, but never eat cold things with tea. .

oily food

Anyway, it is very difficult to digest oily food and if you eat it with tea, then it starts doing very dangerous activities in your stomach. Due to which many types of problems start happening in the stomach. Therefore, do not eat things like pakodas, samosas, kachoris with tea at all.

milk products

Items made from milk like cheese, cream etc. should not be eaten with tea, consuming them with hot tea has adverse effects on health.

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