Hair Conditioning Tips: Is it necessary to apply conditioner every time after washing hair? Know what happens with hair conditioning – Bollywood Keeda

Hair Conditioning Tips: Most people use many types of hair products to take special care of hair, which also have negative effects. But do you know that applying conditioner to hair after shampoo is considered to be the basic rule of hair care. . Actually, conditioner gives a smooth touch to the hair. However, many people have many questions in their mind regarding whether it is good for hair or not. That is why today we will tell you why conditioning is necessary after washing hair.,

Actually, there are many things that we should know before applying conditioner to our hair. Usually, our hair gets cleaned only by shampoo, but there are many such products after which if we do not apply conditioner, the hair starts looking dry and lifeless. That is why at such times it becomes necessary to apply conditioner, which makes your hair silky, shiny and soft.

Conditioner has many benefits (Hair Conditioning Tips)

  • Actually, conditioner removes dryness of hair and keeps them hydrated. This maintains the oil and silicone balance of the hair. It keeps the hair soft and shiny, making them easy to comb.
  • We all are troubled by split ends i.e. split ends. Conditioner is effective in removing this problem arising in hair. If you want to prevent split ends, then definitely apply conditioner.
  • Conditioner reduces the friction between your hair, due to which the hair does not get tangled much during combing.
  • Always applying conditioner after shampooing keeps the hair healthy for a long time. Conditioner, in a way, works to provide protein to our hair, which maintains the shine of our hair. Apart from this, hair gets damaged due to some mistakes during shampoo, you can protect your hair from this damage by applying conditioner.

Know the right way to apply conditioner (Hair Conditioning Tips)

Take out the conditioner on your hands and apply it well till the root of the hair. After 3 minutes, wash the hair thoroughly with water. It is very beneficial to use conditioner regularly for dry hair. For normal hair, you can use conditioner after shampoo. You can leave it, but it is good to keep this in mind also.

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