Hair Brush Tips: Apart from oil and shampoo, a good hairbrush is also important for hair care, know how to use the brush.. – Bollywood Keeda

Hair Brush Tips: Proper care is very important for hair health. Therefore, it is very important not only to use good oil or shampoo but also to use a good hair brush. Hair brushes made of plastic can damage your hair, so if you want, you can switch your plastic hair brush and start using a wooden hair brush.

Hair brushes made of wood are healthy for your hair in many ways, its use reduces hair breakage, and these hair brushes are very beneficial in sorting out thick hair. So let’s know about these different things. About the different wooden hair brushes that you can use to brush your hair.

Detangle Hair Brush (Hair Brush Tips)

This hair brush can be used for all hair types. There is a lot of space between the large wooden teeth in the hair brush, which is why you can use it on both wet and dry hair. This type of hair brush sets your hair without any pain or discomfort. Using this type of hair brush after oil massage improves the blood circulation of your hair.

Wooden Paddle Brush (Hair Brush Tips)

In paddle brushes, wood is used instead of plastic teeth. This hair brush is best for those who have long and straight hair. Paddle brush covers more part of the hair at once, hence this brush works to detangle your hair in less time. This type of hair brush also works as a massage for the hair, due to which the hair scalp also gets relaxed.

Bristle Hair Brush (Hair Brush Tips)

This hair brush is very beneficial for those people whose hair is thin and short. It can be used by women as well as men. This bristle hair brush is helpful in increasing the growth of your hair, apart from this, if your hair is curly then this hair brush also protects them from breakage. The price of this hair brush is a little higher than other hair brushes, the reason being ,It should be prepared with better quality.

Rat Tail Comb (Hair Brush Tips)

This type of comb is best for making hair styles. Nowadays, hair brushes made of different types of wood are coming in the market. But Neem and Sandalwood, apart from being natural, are also beneficial for your hair. Wooden combs cost more than plastic hair brushes, but this type of hair brushes are also very healthy, which benefits your hair.

Massager with Cushion Hair Brush (Hair Brush Tips)

Cushion hair brushes help in detangling your hair very easily. The cushion at the bottom of the comb not only softens the hair but also removes dandruff from the hair. You can also massage your hair with this hair brush.

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