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Government gives green signal to Urea Gold, if farmers get benefit like this – Bollywood Keeda

Urea Gold: The government has approved the proposal to launch sulfur coated urea in the market under the name Urea Gold. The Fertilizer Department of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has told the fertilizer manufacturing companies that its price will be Rs 266.50 including GST. Now sale of sulfur coated urea will start in 40 kg bags at the same MRP as 45 kg bags of Neem coated urea.

What is Sulfur Coated Urea?

Sulfur coated urea has a coating of sulfur with nitrogen. Sulfur is very important for plants. Therefore, it helps in fulfilling the deficiency of sulfur in the soil. Sulfur helps in making proteins in plants and protects them from diseases. Its use increases the production of crops.

How will Urea Gold be beneficial? Urea Gold

With the help of urea fertilizer, adequate supply of nitrogen is available in the fields, which increases the crop yield. Through normal urea, farmers have overcome the nitrogen deficiency in their fields and increased crop yields. Now the use of urea gold increases the ability of plants to use nitrogen better. Besides, the consumption of urea will also reduce, due to which farmers are expected to get double benefit. The condition of cultivable land in India is deteriorating and soil fertility and yield is also decreasing due to indiscriminate use of urea.

Expectation of better yield (Urea Gold)

Sulfur coated urea releases nitrogen slowly, whereas urea gold has a longer life due to the presence of humic acid in it. This is a good alternative to the existing urea. 15 kg urea gold will give equal benefits as 20 kg conventional urea. Sulphur-coated urea is expected to play an important role in enhancing soil health, taking full advantage of nutrients and ensuring better crop yields. The environment will also benefit greatly with the help of urea gold.


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