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Google Maps Scam Alert: A big game of fraud going on on Google,

Google Maps SCAM Alert: The continuously developing technology in the world is making people’s lives easier, while some people are using it to commit fraud worth lakhs and crores of rupees. Nowadays, scams are happening in new ways every day in India. A different kind of scam has been going on for the last few months. This is a scam to give ratings on Google Maps. Actually, messages come on people’s WhatsApp numbers from unknown numbers asking them to give 5 star rating on Google Maps. They will get money in return, but this is a scam and you may be cheated. The government’s cyber friend has alerted people about this scam.

Usually, people get attracted to the offer of getting money in exchange for giving 5 star rating to a hotel or any other location and then they get trapped in the trap of scammers. People think that what is the problem if they are getting money for giving ratings on Google, but let us tell you that this is a scam of a different level. As soon as you give a rating, your e-mail ID becomes public, because reviews on Google Maps are not private. These fraudsters ask you for links and screenshots after review. When it comes to giving money, they give a telegram number and ask you to share the screenshot of the review there and give a code. After this they take bank details and other information from people and then the fraud starts.

SCAM is done through Telegram

On the Telegram number, you are given the number of a so-called receptionist who on telling you the code asks for your name, bank account and IFSC code. After which money is sent to your bank account as per the rating given by you. After this the receptionist asks you to connect on Telegram. In which you are given 24 tasks throughout the day, on completing which you are lured to pay money. In these 20 tasks, you are given money in exchange for rating on Google Map as before, but there are 4 merchant tasks among these tasks. To complete these, you have to invest Rs 5,000 to Rs 80,000. After which you are lured with huge profits within a few minutes.

During this, some other people present in the group share the screenshot of making payment and getting profit in their account. So that the new member joining the group can be tricked and money can be withdrawn from him. If you trust them and make payment, then once or twice you are also given money in the form of profit, but as soon as you send a big amount to them, they make money by taking your money. Many times, those who want to stop it midway, scammers lure them to get more money to stop, if you do not listen to them then your bank account gets seized.

What did the cyber friend say?

Cyber ​​Dost, who works under the Home Ministry, has said in a post on X, ‘Beware of Task-based job scam! If you want to earn easy money by rating places on Google Maps then you can also lose your money.

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