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Gardening Tips for Summer: With changing seasons, the way of caring for plants should change. The summer season has started. Right now there is less sunshine, but in the coming months the heat and sunshine will increase. In such a situation, the needs of the plants will be different. Usually when the temperature has increased then we start taking care of the plants.

By then, the greenery of the plants disappears due to heat and many plants even start drying up and dying. Therefore, it is important to make arrangements for the protection of plants in the beginning of summer. So let us know how to start taking care of your plant.

Mulching (Gardening Tips for Summer)

By mulching the plants, sunlight does not reach the soil directly. In mulching, a layer of dry leaves, grass and paddy straw etc. is spread on the surface of the soil. Due to this, moisture remains around the roots of the plant for a long time and they do not dry up. Arrange the material for mulching in advance.

Prepare shade (Gardening Tips for Summer)

If the plants are planted in pots, prepare a place for them where there is shade. If there is no shade then make separate preparations. To block the strong sunlight, place a net curtain in the garden. You can prepare it yourself at home using cotton cloth. This protects the plants from getting scorched in the heat. Green shaded net can also be installed. The shade net should allow 25 percent sunlight and 75 percent shade. Plants planted in the ground can also be covered with these. Your plants can get burnt due to sunlight. If you want to keep them safe, then make some necessary arrangements before the summer starts.

Remove weeds (Gardening Tips for Summer)

Remove weeds from around the plants. Weeds grow around plants and take essential nutrients from the soil. This will mean that if you plant a new plant in the future, it will not be able to get nutrients from the soil. Weeds growing in the garden can harbor insects and diseases.

Gardening Tips for Summer

This is an important way to take care of plants in summer. By removing bad, dry and withered leaves, the plants start getting nutrients in abundance and the plants also grow faster. Prune the plants in the beginning of summer. Especially prune perennial plants.

Use of cocopeat (Gardening Tips for Summer)

Re-potting the plants before or at the beginning of summer. Re-potting plants in extreme heat can damage them and cause them to die. Cocopeat can be used to protect plants in summer. At the time of re-potting, mix a mixture of cocopeat and manure in the soil. Cocopeat will help retain moisture in the soil for a long time even in high temperatures.

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