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Gang Rape In Metaverse: First case of gang rape in the virtual world of Metaverse, British police registered a case on the complaint of a minor – Bollywood Keeda

Gang Rape In Metaverse: In Britain, a case of gang rape by men using the digital avatar of a 16-year-old minor girl has come to light on the virtual reality world Metaverse. This is the first incident of gangrape or rape on the metaverse, according to the police, the minor told them that she was not raped in reality, but the rape in the virtual world definitely caused mental torture to her.

The girl suffered the same kind of mental torture that a rape victim has to endure. In this matter, the Child Rights and Abuse Investigation Cell of the British National Police Chief Council has registered a case and started investigation. According to British media reports, the girl had a virtual avatar in an online room of a virtual reality game. There were many other people in this game, during which the metaverse form of the girl was made a victim of rape. This is being described as the first virtual sexual crime.

Let us tell you that in the virtual world Metaverse, work is being done just like in the real world. There are no people in this world but there are incarnations of people. People who sign in to the Metaverse go to the virtual world, they meet people only in virtual avatars.

This is a new challenge before the law – British National Police

Officials say that this has created a new challenge for the law, because there is no provision in the law for such a crime. According to Ian Critchley, head of the Child Rights and Abuse Investigation Cell of the British National Police Chiefs Council, the Metaverse has given sexual offenders the opportunity to commit serious crimes, the police are serious in such matters and have taken action against the types of criminals involved in this case. Are going. Ian Critchley said that in the future it will be ensured that youth are always safe online and can use technology without fear.

Ian Critchley said that criminals have now also broken into the virtual world, harassment, hate speech, bullying and financial scams are now also happening in the virtual world. All these are emerging in new forms in the digital world. Critchley said that the police approach will have to constantly evolve against such criminals. So that the culprits of such cases can be caught and the victims can be provided security.

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