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Fraud by petrol pumps, seeing 0 reading while filling petrol is not enough, take special care of these things, otherwise it can happen to you too! – Bollywood Keeda

Many people often get cheated while filling petrol and diesel in their vehicles at petrol pumps. Sometimes petrol and diesel are available in less quantity than the stated quantity and sometimes there may be some variation in the money. At some point or the other, some of us must have been a victim of fraud while filling petrol and diesel in our car, scooter or bike. In such a situation, it is very important to be careful. Today we are telling you some tricks. So that you can avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

While buying fuel, keep in mind whether the fuel filling pump employee is zeroing the machine after filling fuel in the previous customer’s vehicle or not. If the employee does not do so, immediately interrupt him and ask him to do so. Apart from this, stand near the meter and keep an eye on all the activities of the salesman.

Before filling oil, set the pump meter to 0.

A very common and important tip while filling petrol is to ensure that the meter is set to 0 before adding fuel. If the meter is not at 0, immediately ask the pump attendant to reset it. Many times fraudsters pretend that they have reset the meter to 0. But in reality they start adding fuel in excess quantity. This gives you less petrol, while you pay for more.

buy fuel in odd amounts

There are many tactics used by petrol pump owners to cheat customers. One of which is to give less quantity of fuel for a specific amount. Often people fill oil in Rs 500, Rs 1000 or multiples thereof. In such a situation, some pump employees fix the quantity for these amounts in advance, which is less than the actual amount.

An easy way to avoid this fraud is to fill fuel in odd amounts, like Rs 668 or Rs 1237. This makes it difficult for those people to commit fraud as the pre-determined quantity will not be applicable.

Before filling, check what fuel it is.

Many times you can be cheated through adulteration, if you suspect anything like this then you can get a filter paper test done. According to the Consumer Protection Act 1986, all petrol pumps are required to keep a stock of filter paper and any customer has the right to get it checked. To test, you just have to put a few drops of petrol on the filter paper. If it evaporates in the air without leaving any stain, then you can assume that the petrol is pure. If some stains remain then the petrol is adulterated.

Do this to remove doubts

Many times the machine at a petrol pump is tampered with to defraud customers. This means that the reading will be of more petrol, but less oil will be consumed in your vehicle. If you have any such doubt then you can clear your doubt by getting oil filled in a 5 liter jar kept at the petrol pump itself. However, you have to keep in mind that the jar has not been tampered with.

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