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Flower Water Benefits For Skin: Apart from rose water, you can also apply the water of these flowers on the skin, your face will glow – Bollywood Keeda

Flower Water Benefits For Skin: You must have often felt the freshness by applying rose water scented with the fragrance of roses on your face. Rose water is also a good natural toner that provides relief to facial skin. Rose water has been famous for years in skin care. But, do you know that apart from rose water, there are many flowers whose water is very beneficial for our skin.

These flowers include many flowers like lavender, sage, rosemary and peppermint. Floral water proves to be very useful for skin tone, tightening of pores and for freshness. Many beauty experts also recommend including flower water in your skin care routine. Let us know what is the benefit of the water of which flower.

Lavender Floral Water (Flower Water Benefits For Skin)

This floral water gives freshness to the face like rose water. It has purifying, antibacterial and regenerating properties that deeply cleanse the facial skin. Its toning also reduces pimples on the face.

Witch Hazel Water (Flower Water Benefits For Skin)

Water made from witch hazel flowers is effective in reducing blemishes and freckles on the face. It also removes skin toxins. Due to which the risk of black heads reduces.

Honeysuckle Floral Water (Flower Water Benefits For Skin)

Water made from honeysuckle flowers is rich in flavonoids. It prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin. Due to which signs of aging start appearing late. It also makes the skin smooth.

Chamomile Floral Water

Water made from chamomile flowers maintains the PH balance of the skin. It also works like a bleaching agent due to which the tanning of the skin is removed from time to time.


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