Five month old child dies after vaccination in Ganjam – Bollywood Keeda

Berhampur: A five-month-old baby died, hours after vaccination, at the Buguda Community Health Center (CHC) in Odisha’s Ganjam district on Wednesday.

According to reports, Sai Nayak, son of Magi Nayak of Khadala Sahi in Buguda area, was given the routine vaccination at the CHC around 11 am. The concerned ASHA worker gave paracetamol syrup to the child’s parents and advised to give the medicine to the child in case of fever after vaccination.

The child developed fever around 4 pm, after which his parents gave him syrup. Although there was a slight drop in body temperature after taking the medicine, the baby’s body became cool at around 7.30 pm. He was taken to CHC, where the doctor declared him dead.

Following the incident, tension prevailed in the hospital premises as angry locals vandalized properties of the health facility. The family members of the deceased allege that the child’s condition deteriorated after vaccination, which later led to death. However, the concerned doctor said that children usually have mild fever after taking the vaccine. The doctor said that the child might have died due to some other reason.

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