FasTag KYC Deadline: FasTag KYC deadline is near, do this work immediately to avoid fine – Bollywood Keeda

FasTag KYC Deadline: FasTag KYC deadline is already set for 29th February. After this, FASTag of those who do not complete KYC will be discontinued. In such a situation, many vehicle owners have many questions. Today we are going to give you the answer to one of those questions. Can you transfer Fastag?

It has come to light in media reports that there are some people who have more than one FASTag for one vehicle. In such a situation, the question arises whether they can transfer their Fastag to another car or vehicle?

These documents will be required (FasTag KYC Deadline)

driving license
Voter ID Card
PAN card
Aadhar card
Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

Update KYC like this (FasTag KYC Deadline)

To do Fastag KYC online, you have to go to Here you have to login with the help of mobile number. After logging in, you will see the option of KYC update, in which you will have to upload PAN or Aadhar card. To update offline, you will have to go to the bank which has Fastag. Here you will be given a form, after filling which your KYC will be updated. After the update, this message will also come in your phone.

With the KYC update, the second Fastag of those people who are using more than one Fastag will stop working. That is why if you have made more than one Fastag and there is balance in all of them, then surrender it immediately.

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