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Falling mercury increases the concern of vegetable crop farmers, more impact on brinjal, chilli, beans and tomatoes… – Bollywood Keeda

Raipur. These days the havoc of cold continues, people are in dire straits due to sudden drop in mercury. As soon as you wake up in the morning, layers of dew are found on the grass. The manner in which the temperature has suddenly fallen has increased the concern of the farmers. Because due to high temperature, there will be frost on the farmers’ crops, which will harm the vegetable crop. There is a possibility of spoilage.

Khubchand, a vegetable farming farmer, says that this year he has planted vegetable crops on about 14 to 15 acres of land. In which the vegetable crop which gets damaged in cold weather is planted in about 5 acres. Crops like brinjal, chilli, beans and tomatoes are more affected by cold. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

Frost does not always occur in high altitude areas

Crops are getting ruined due to falling mercury. According to agricultural scientists, cold is also required for Rabi season crops. Because due to cold, the infestation of insects in the crop will be reduced and also flowering will be enhanced in crops like wheat and peas. You will see that last year there was not so much cold, so the grains of wheat crop became thin and weak, hence cold is also needed for the crop. Since the weather has changed and the temperature has gone down a lot. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

In such a situation, farmers will have to remain alert and take care of the crops. When the weather is clear and windy, the temperature suddenly falls below 5 degrees and the possibility of frost increases. Frost does not always fall in high altitude areas, but also in low lying areas. Due to the way the temperature is continuously going down, farmers are also worried that their standing crops may get frostbite, otherwise they will have to face financial loss.


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