Eye Lashes Tips: If your eyelashes are also falling, then adopt these home remedies to get rid of the problem – Bollywood Keeda

Eye Lashes Tips: The beauty of the face also depends on the eyes of the people. Girls do a lot to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Thick hair on the eyelids makes the eyes beautiful. But nowadays it is seen that due to many reasons eyelashes start falling. Less growth of eyelashes and eyebrows hinders the beauty of people. You will find fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions in the market. But if they are grown naturally, the beauty is worth seeing.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some home remedies which reduce the fall of eyelashes and make them thick. Let us know some easy ways to make eyelashes thick and long.

Honey (Eye Lashes Tips)

Honey contains emollients and humectants, which condition the hair. In such a situation, dryness of hair goes away. To apply honey on eyelashes, first reduce its thickness and for this, mix a little rose water in it. Then apply this mixture with a mascara brush and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your eyes. By doing this regularly you will see good results.

Olive Oil (Eye Lashes Tips)

Olive oil is a very old and effective way to make eyelashes long and thick. Before sleeping, apply olive oil around your eyelids with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it overnight, the essential vitamins present in it help in the growth of your eyelashes.

Shea Butter (Eye Lashes Tips)

Shea butter can be used to make eyelashes shiny. To apply it on the eyelids, melt the shea butter well and then apply it thoroughly on the entire eyelids with clean hands. After keeping it on the eyelids overnight, wash it thoroughly with clean water in the morning. Within a few days you will clearly see the difference.

Coconut Oil (Eye Lashes Tips)

Coconut oil can be used to make eyelashes thicker and longer. To use it, first clean the eyelids thoroughly with water, then take a little oil from the ear bud and apply it thoroughly on the eyelids. After keeping it on the eyelids for the whole night, wash it with cold clean water in the morning.

Green-Tea Water (Eye Lashes Tips)

Green tea contains Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C, theanine and many anti-oxidants, which are very beneficial for hair. Puncture and insert Vitamin E capsule into green tea water. You can take the quantity accordingly, add 2 drops of Vitamin E capsule in 5 drops of green tea water and then apply this mixture on the eyelids. You can also do a light massage of the eyelids with this mixture and wash the eyes after 5 minutes.

Castor Oil (Eye Lashes Tips)

Castor oil is very good for hair growth because it contains all the nutrients like Omega-6 and fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals. It can also be applied to the eyelash hair. Do not make the mistake of applying it directly. Castor oil is very thick and when applied on the eyelashes, they start looking very heavy. Therefore, you should always apply coconut oil mixed with castor oil. If you adopt this home remedy regularly in small quantities, you will soon see good results.

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