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Even after 2 years of marriage, the husband did not have physical relations, the wife reached the police station in distress, revealed this secret… – Bollywood Keeda

Crime News. A surprising case has come to light. A woman has reached the police station and complained to the police that her husband has not had physical relations with her even after two years of marriage. The woman said that even after trying hard she was unsuccessful. The wife alleged that the husband was incapable of having physical relations.

The whole matter is from Agra, UP. Here the software engineer’s wife told that even after two years of marriage, the husband does not take his wife with him to the job. Doesn’t even come home. After going to his parents’ home, he comes to meet his parents. The wife alleged that the husband was impotent. Because of this, the in-laws want to get rid of the demand for dowry. The victim has appealed for justice at the family counseling centre.

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According to the information, this woman from Fatehabad police station area is an MBA. Two years ago she was married to a young man resident of Tajganj. Husband is a software engineer in a private company in Delhi. The victim alleges that the husband is mostly at work. Doesn’t come home even when called. When you ask Delhi to live together, he refuses. After leaving his maternal home, he comes to his home. He goes back to work before his wife arrives.

Husband accused of not being able to have physical relations

The victim told that even if she ever comes in front of him, he does not come near her. When I complained to my in-laws, they started harassing my mother regarding dowry. When she insisted on living with her husband, she was beaten. He has been in his maternal home for the last two months. The matter reached the family counseling center for counselling. The wife has also accused the husband of physical disability.

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