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Elaichi Plant At Home: India is the number 1 country in the world in cardamom production. Kerala produces the most cardamom in India. The soil and climate here are suitable for the production of Iachali. The farmers here produce bumper cardamom every year. But if the cardamom plant is planted at home, then how can the plant be prepared?

Today let us get information about how the high earning cardamom plant can be grown at home.

Cultivation from seeds or plants (Elaichi Plant At Home)

Generally any crop is cultivated in two ways. One is the seed and the other the plant is grown in the nursery. It is planted in a pot or in the ground at another place. If you are planting a plant then there is no need to do much work on it. But a trick is definitely used in sowing the seeds. But keep in mind that the nursery or online system from which the seeds are being procured. It should be full of quality.

Start sowing in this way (Elaichi Plant At Home)

Buy seeds from market or nursery. Leave it to soak in a spoonful of water. Now mix red and black soil in the pot or on the ground of the house. If red soil is not available then cow dung and coco peat can be used. Mix all these together well. There should not be any insects, worms, any kind of plastic etc. in the soil. Sprinkle water on the soil and put the seeds inside. Mix some soil and coco peat on top. After that sprinkle water again.

Germination will happen in 4 to 6 days (Elaichi Plant At Home)

Germination depends on the quality of the seed. Usually seeds emerge in 4 to 6 days. When the plant germinates, do not disturb it at all. Keep spraying water in the morning and evening. Do not fill that place with too much water. After seed germination the plant will start coming out. The plant emerges well in a month.

2 to 3 hours of sunlight (Elaichi Plant At Home)

When the plant germinates and comes out, its growth rate increases. If the plant is in a pot, keep it in sunlight for two to three hours every day. Or sow in such a place where the plants get two to three hours of sunlight every day. Use cow dung as fertilizer. Apart from this, do not use anything else at all. When the plant grows a little, increase the amount of fertilizer and water.

It takes 3 to 4 years for cardamom to grow (Elaichi Plant At Home)

The cardamom plant will definitely start looking better to you in a month. But it takes 3 to 4 years to get its yield. This situation will happen if you are taking care of the plant regularly. Let us tell you that cardamom is cultivated in Kerala in India. From here cardamom is sent to other parts of the country.

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