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Do you also see a cat or its baby in your dreams? So understand that this can affect your life – Bollywood Keeda

Dreaming is a common phenomenon and it is not necessary that every dream has some meaning, but often these dreams indicate some upcoming events. Many times we see such dreams in which we see some things which definitely have some relation with life. It is believed that dreams have their own separate world and they may have some connection with real life also. Similarly, many times you see some pets in your dreams which can be mixed signs for your future life.

Are you one of those who ever see a cat in their dreams? Do you sometimes dream of a dead cat or sometimes a white cat? Has dreaming of a cat crying become a common thing for you? If yes, then today we will tell you whether seeing a cat in a dream is auspicious or inauspicious for you.

Seeing a happy cat in the dream

If you ever see a dream in which you see a happy or friendly cat, then this dream gives you a pleasant sign. This dream tells you that there may be some changes in your life that will change the meaning of your life. Playful and happy cats represent your gentle side. This dream can also mean that you should not take everything too seriously and learn to live in the moment and enjoy what is in front of you. This dream also indicates that You like to fully experience every pleasant situation of life and will continue to do so in future too.

Cats attacking you in your dream

If a cat attacks you in your dream, it can be a cause of worry for your future. If a cat is attacking you or being aggressive in your dream, it shows your fear of someone in your life insulting or harming you.

Seeing a black cat in the dream

Seeing black cats in your dreams can be a sign that you may have to face some big problem. This problem may be related to your job or profession, may be related to your financial life or may be related to your relationships. A black cat crossing your path or attacking you in your dream is a sign that soon You may have to face opposition in any area of ​​life. This opposition can come from your enemies as well as your loved ones. Dreaming of black cats may be associated with betrayal in your life.

Seeing a dead cat in a dream

If you see a dead cat in your dream, you may get many signs in the future. In fact, if you see a black cat killed in your dream, it can bring good luck in your life and it can be a symbol of auspiciousness for your life. A dead black cat in a dream brings good luck. Seeing a dead white cat in your dream means that even if some problems in life seem small to you, these problems can become big in the future and it will be difficult for you to overcome them. Seeing two dead cats in your dream may indicate that you may get rid of some of your fake friends.

Seeing children with a cat in the dream

If you see a cat along with children in your dream, then in real life it may be related to someone around you. Kittens in your dream may mean that there is something in your life that you want to protect. Kittens are considered because they cannot do much alone, so any such dream shows you that you may need someone’s help in your coming life and you should seek his/her help.


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