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Tech Desk. Smartwatch manufacturing company Noise has introduced a new smartwatch in the Indian market. This is a Bluetooth calling watch, which costs only Rs 1,199. NoiseFit Twist Go Smartwatch, which comes with IP68 rating, has many other great features including 1.39 inch LCD display, lots of health features, more than 100 sports modes. This watch also provides very good battery backup. Let us know in detail about the price and features of Noise’s new smartwatch.

NoiseFit Twist Go price

The company has launched NoiseFit Twist Go in India for Rs 1199. Many color options have been given to the user. Which include Silver Grey, Jet Black, Rose Pink, Silver Link, Gold Link, Black Link, Elite Silver, and Elite Black. Apart from the company’s official website, the smartwatch can also be purchased from Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the features of NoiseFit Twist Go

Stylish look and round dial

The new NoiseFit Twist Go smartwatch features a metallic unibody with a round dial and a functional crown on the right side. The watch comes with IP68 rating for dust and water resistant. The smartwatch is very stylish in appearance and you can buy it in metallic, mesh and silicone belt options. The watch has a 1.39 inch LCD display with customizable watch face.

Lots of health and smart features

Heart rate, SpO2, sleep and stress monitors are available in Noisefit Twist Go. Not only this, the watch also has support for tracking more than 100 sports modes. The new NoiseFit Twist Go also has an in-built microphone and speaker for hands-free Bluetooth calling.

In this, the company’s True Sync technology, dial pad and facility to view recent call history is also available. Other special features of the smartwatch include many advanced features including built-in calculator, weather, music control, voice assistant, notification display.

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