Delhi government is going to organize Ramlila in Urdu – Bollywood Keeda

Delhi government is organizing a different kind of Ramlila for the people of the capital. This Ramlila is special because this Ramlila is being conducted in Urdu. Urdu Ramlila will be staged in the “Urdu Heritage Festival” starting in Delhi. This demonstration will be held at Sundar Nursery in New Delhi near Humayun’s Tomb. Urdu Ramlila will be staged on 24th February during the Urdu Heritage Festival starting from 22nd February.

Titled ‘Dastan-e-Ramayan: Ramleela in Urdu’, the Hindu epic Ramayan will be staged by theater group Shree Shraddha Ramleela on February 24. According to the department, ‘Urdu Ramlila’ will be described. The story of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana with a unique twist.

Let us tell you that Urdu Ramlila has been organized in Delhi before also. Urdu Ramlila was also organized in the year 2018. In 2028, the organization of Urdu Ramlila was handed over to Shraddha Ramleel Group of Jimma Farida, this time also the government has entrusted them with the responsibility of organizing Ramlila in Urdu.

It is being organized under the Urdu Heritage Festival of the Department of Art and Culture of Delhi Government and Urdu Academy. It will be held as part of ‘Urdu Heritage Festival’ starting from 22nd February. On February 24, theater group Shri Shraddha Ramleela will stage ‘Dastan-e-Ramayan: Ramleela in Urdu’ which aims to celebrate the shared values ​​of both the cultures.

The department said that Ramlila will be staged in Urdu on the mythological story of Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana, in which the audience will also get to see an interesting twist. Urdu Ramlila is a perfect linguistic blend that combines the beauty of Hindi and the sophistication of Urdu.

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