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Dasha Mata Vrat Katha 2024: Only by listening to the story of Dasha Mata, there will be happiness, prosperity and peace in the family, listen to these stories today… – Bollywood Keeda

Dasha Mata Vrat Katha 2024: Dasha Mata is none other than the form of Mother Parvati. Dasha Mata fast is observed to make the bad planetary conditions and circumstances of the family favourable. On this day, women do puja and fast and wear a special dora (worship thread) around their neck so that there is happiness, prosperity, peace, good fortune and wealth in the family. On this day, women worship Dasha Mata and Peepal and pray for good luck, prosperity, happiness, peace and good health.

Mythological story of King Nala and Queen Damayanti

According to the authentic story of Dashamata fast, in ancient times, King Nala and Queen Damayanti ruled happily. He had two sons. The people were happy and prosperous in his kingdom. Once upon a time it was Holi Dasa. A Brahmin woman came to the palace and said to the queen – Take Dasha’s thread. In between the maid said – Yes Queen Sahiba, on this day all the married women worship and fast of Dasha Mata and worship this thread and tie it around their neck which brings happiness and prosperity in their house. So the queen took the thread from the Brahmin and tied it around her neck after worshiping as per the rituals.

After a few days, King Nala saw a string tied around Damayanti’s neck. The king asked- Why did you wear this string even after wearing so much gold jewellery? Before the queen could say anything, the king broke the string and threw it on the ground. The queen picked up that string from the ground and said to the king – This was Dashamata’s string, you did not do well by insulting her.

When the king was sleeping at night, Dashamata came in the form of an old woman in his dream and said to the king – O king, your good condition is going and bad condition is coming. You did not do well to insult me. Saying this the old lady (Dasha Mata) disappeared.

Now as the days passed, within a few days the king’s grandeur, elephants, horses, army, wealth, grains, happiness and peace, everything started getting destroyed. Now the time has come to die of hunger. One day the king said to Damayanti – You take your two children and go to your parents’ house. The queen said- I will not leave you and go anywhere. Just as you will be with me, I will also be with you. Then the king said- Leave your country and go to another country. Whatever work we get there, we will do it. In this way Nala and Damayanti left their country.

While walking, the palace of Bhil king was seen on the way. There the king left his two children as a trust. As we moved ahead, we came upon the village of the king’s friend. The king said to the queen – Come, let’s go to our friend’s house. When he reached his friend’s house, he was given a lot of respect and food was prepared for him. My friend made me sleep in his bedroom. In the same room, an expensive diamond-encrusted necklace of my friend’s wife was hanging on a peg in the shape of a peacock. When the queen woke up at midnight, she saw that she was swallowing the lifeless Khunti necklace. Seeing this, the queen immediately woke up the king and both of them thought about what answer they would give to their friend when the morning came. Therefore, we should leave from here right now. Both the king and the queen left from there in the night itself.

When morning came, my friend’s wife saw her necklace on the peg. The necklace was not there. Then she said to her husband – How are your friends, who have stolen my necklace and ran away in the night. The friend explained to his wife that my friend can never do this, be patient, please do not call him a thief.

As we walked further, we came to the village of King Nala’s sister. The king brought the news to his sister’s house that your brother-in-law has come. The sister asked the person giving the news – How is his condition? He said – Both of them are alone, they have come on foot and they are in a sad condition. Hearing all this, the sister came to meet her brother and sister-in-law with Kanda-Roti in the plate. The king ate his share, but the queen buried it in the ground.

While walking we found a river. The king took out fishes from the river and said to the queen – You fry these fishes, I will bring them from the village. The Nagar Seth of the village was providing food to all the people. The king went to the village and took the food and while leaving, an eagle swooped down on the way and all the food fell down. The king thought that the queen would think that the king came after eating food and did not bring anything for me. On the other hand, when Rani started frying fishes, unfortunately all the fishes came alive and went into the river. The queen became sad and started thinking that the king would ask and think that he had eaten all the fish himself. When the king came, he understood in his mind and moved ahead from there.

While walking, we came to the queen’s maternal village. The king said- You go to your mother’s house and do any work as a maid there. I will become a servant somewhere in this village. In this way the queen started working as a maid in the palace and the king started working at the oil mill. It has been a long time since both of them started working. When the day of Holi Dasa came, all the queens washed their heads and took bath. The maid also took bath. When the maid plaited the queens’ head, the queen said – I should also plait your head. Having said this, while the queen was plaiting the maid’s head, she saw Padma in the maid’s head. Seeing this, Rajmata’s eyes filled with tears and tears fell from her eyes. When the tears fell on the maid’s back, the maid asked – Why are you crying? The queen said – I too have a daughter like you who also had a Padma on her head, you also have a Padma on your head. Seeing this reminded me of her. Then the maid said- I am your daughter. Dasha is having bad days due to mother’s anger, that’s why I came here. Mother said – Daughter, why did you hide this from us? The maid said- Mother, if I had told everything, my bad days would not have ended. Today I will fast to Dasha Mata and will apologize to her for my mistake.

Now the queen mother asked her daughter – Where is our son-in-law the king? Daughter said- He is working in an oilman’s house in this village. Now he was searched in the village and brought to the palace. The son-in-law, the king, was bathed, dressed in new clothes, dishes were prepared and food was served to him.

Now with the blessings of Dashamata, the good days of King Nala and Damayanti returned. After spending a few days there, he asked to go to his state. Damayanti’s father bid farewell to his daughter and son-in-law by giving them a lot of money, army, elephants, horses etc.

On the way, we came to the same place where the queen had roasted fish and the food had fallen on the ground due to the eagle’s swoop from the king’s hand. Then the king said – You might have thought that I would have eaten alone, but the eagle had swooped down and knocked me down. Now the queen said – You might have thought that I would have fried the fishes and eaten them alone, but they were alive and had gone into the river.

While moving, we came to the village of the king’s sister. The king sent news to his sister. Asked the person giving the news how is his condition? He told that they are in very good condition. There are elephants, horses and Lashkar along with them. Hearing this, the king’s sister brought a plate decorated with pearls. Then Damayanti prayed to Mother Earth and said – Mother, give me back my trust today. Saying this, she dug the place where Kanda-Roti was buried. When dug, the bread turned to gold and the pot to silver. He put both these things in his sister’s plate and started preparing to move ahead.

From there the king reached his friend’s house. The friend honored and respected him as before. Made him sleep in the same bedroom for the night. I couldn’t sleep due to the fact that the peacock peg had swallowed the necklace. At midnight the same peacock peg started spitting out the necklace, so the king woke up his friend and the queen woke up her friend’s wife and showed him. He had swallowed your necklace. You might have thought that we had stolen the necklace.

Next morning, after completing his daily routine, he left from there. When he reached the Bhil king’s house and asked for his sons, the Bhil king refused to give them. The people of the village got those children back. When Nala-Damayanti reached near their capital with their children, the townspeople saw them coming with their army.

Everyone welcomed him very happily and took him to the palace with musical instruments. The king was as grand as before. Dasha Mata first got angry at King Nal-Damayanti, don’t do this to anyone and later do the same to everyone as you have shown kindness to.


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