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Curd with Sugar Benefits: Why are curd and sugar fed while leaving home? Do you know the answer to this – Bollywood Keeda

Curd with Sugar Benefits: Have you ever wondered why curd and sugar are always fed before leaving the house? Often we have seen in TV serials and films that when someone leaves home to do some big work, he is sent with curd and sugar. This happens in films but many people do this in real life also. Consumption of curd and sugar is healthy not only according to Hindu beliefs but also according to scientists. Many types of nutrients are found in curd, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B12, calcium, potassium and magnesium and many other minerals are found in curd.

Here we are talking about curd made from milk, whenever you have an exam or any important work, you will always find your mother standing there with it in her hands and she definitely asks you to eat it before leaving the house.

1- According to ancient beliefs, leaving the house after eating curd and sugar brings success in any work and it is considered very beneficial. Curd is a very good source of protein and calcium and consuming it also cools the stomach. Due to which there is no problem of acidity or burning sensation in the stomach and it also eliminates bile. According to Ayurveda, eating curd and sugar at home improves the digestive system.

2- Curd-sugar also works to balance the amount of glucose in the body. Eating curd and sugar before any work supplies proper energy to both body and mind. Especially in summer, it is very beneficial for the stomach.

3- A large amount of calories are found in the mixture of curd and sugar, due to which one does not feel hungry quickly. This can prove to be especially good for diabetic patients, but they should not consume sugar with it. Besides, sugar-curd also balances the bacteria in the body and helps in digesting whatever we eat.

Relation with planet Venus (Curd with Sugar Benefits)

In astrology, Venus is considered to be the planet responsible for happiness and peace in life. The favorite color of Venus is also white. Apart from this, curd is also said to be related to the planet Venus. Therefore, eating curd strengthens the condition of the planet Venus in the horoscope of the person. Due to which the chances of prosperity in life increases. Therefore, there is a belief of blooming curd and sugar while leaving the house.


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