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Cultivation of Rudraksh can prove beneficial for farmers, now it is easy to grow it even in normal temperature… – Bollywood Keeda

Most of us know the religious importance of Rudraksha. The importance of Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva and is usually worn by devotees as a protective shield or to chant the mantra Om Namah Shivay. Rudraksha is mainly used as organic jewelery and rosary in India and Nepal. Rudraksha are as valuable as semi-precious stones. Many medicinal properties are found in Rudraksha. It also provides relief from heart disease and anxiety. Indonesia and Nepal export large quantities of Rudraksha to India, whose turnover is worth billions.

More than 300 species of Rudraksha are found in India. It is an evergreen tree. Its cultivation is not very popular in India. But in some areas of India it is cultivated on a large scale. In which it is being done in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Haridwar, Bengal, Assam and Dehradun. Rudraksha is also grown in large numbers in Mysore, Nilgiri and Karnataka. Apart from this, its trees can also be seen in Mysore, Nilgiri and Karnataka of South India. Rudraksha is also found in the areas of Rameshwaram, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Read More – Rubina Dilaik was seen handling the little angel, the actress showed her figure in a bodycon high-slit dress…

How to cultivate Rudraksha?

Rudraksha mostly grows in the Himalayan valleys. But it has also started being cultivated in many states of India. Soil with good drainage is suitable for its commercial cultivation. Along with manure, nitrogen and other nutrients also have to be added in abundance. Prepare a mixture of soil, manure and coco pit and plant the plants in it. Rudraksha plant needs coolness to grow. Its plants grow very well in cold. Therefore, it is cultivated more in cool places. But if you are cultivating it in a place with normal temperature, then keep these things in mind that protect its plants from direct sunlight and do not allow the temperature to exceed 35 percent.

When does the Rudraksha tree produce yield?

Rudraksh tree is an evergreen tree, it starts bearing fruits after 2 to 3 years of planting. That means its fully developed plant takes 3 years and it bears fruits several times a year. Blue fruits will start appearing in it. There is Rudraksha inside those blue fruits which we use after cleaning and drying them. Different faced Rudrakshas emerge from Rudraksha plants. Which have different sizes. The color can be red-white, brown, yellow and black. Read More – King Khan’s son Aryan Khan will soon be seen in a web series, a series will be made on Shahrukh’s life…

What is the price of one Rudraksha fruit?

Due to Rudraksha being recognized from Puranas to religious rituals, it is sold at very good prices in the markets. The price of Rudraksha in Nepal ranges from ten rupees to ten lakh rupees according to the local currency, which after coming to India, its price goes up to Rs 50, 500 to thousand or twenty five lakh. The price of Rudraksha varies depending on its size and face. The price of Rudraksha coming from Indonesia and Nepal is low and its size is also small. Rudraksha with five faces has the lowest price, whereas Rudraksha with one face, twenty one faces and fourteen faces are very expensive. The shape of Rudraksha coin found in Nepal is very rare and is of ‘Elaeocarpus genitrus’ species.


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