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Cotton candy is very dangerous, you should also think a hundred times before giving it to your children – Bollywood Keeda

Health Tips: Cotton candy is such a thing that even children and adults want to eat it after seeing it. At the same time, parents also often allow their children to go out for a walk, but if you are aware about the health of your children, then before eating cotton candy and feeding it to your children, definitely know its disadvantages.

Actually, the sale of cotton candy has been banned in the state of Puducherry. A dangerous chemical, Rhodamine-B, has been found in its production, which is very dangerous for our body. Today we will tell you what Rhodamine B is, and what effect it has on our body.

What is cotton candy?

Cotton candy is also called ‘fairy floss’ and also known as ‘old lady’s hair’. It is a traditional sweet which is available in many places. Cotton candy is a type of spun sugar that is popular in many countries. It is made from sugar syrup, then swirled through a small hole, assembled on a stick and then served as cotton candy. Made in different colors, this dish is eaten with great taste and is also very light in weight.

Rhodamine B

It is a chemical, it is used as a dye, but if it is mixed in food, it reaches the body and causes anxiety and restlessness. Not only this, if you consume it for a long time, you may have to face problems like cancer and liver infection.

Disadvantages of eating cotton candy

  • The high sugar content in cotton candy can cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, increasing activity and the amount of energy it produces. Due to this, the mood of children keeps changing continuously and they become irritable.
  • Excessive consumption can lead to weight gain. Not only this, the sweetness present in this cotton candy can have harmful effects on dental health, causing toothache and tooth decay as well as increasing the risk of obesity in childhood.
  • Cotton candy lacks essential nutrients. Therefore, frequent consumption may result in a lack of nutrients in the child’s diet, leading to possible nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, the artificial colors and flavors often used in cotton candy can cause allergic reactions in sensitive children.

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