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The election manifesto with which Congress is going to enter the Lok Sabha elections will be based on the party’s announcement of five ‘justice’ and 25 ‘guarantees’. Jairam Ramesh wrote on X, “Today Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge launched the door-to-door guarantee campaign from North East Delhi Lok Sabha. “Congress workers will distribute these guarantee cards, printed in 14 different languages, to 8 crore families across India in the next few weeks.”

He further wrote that each guarantee card contains details of the 5 Nyay and 25 guarantees of the party announced by Congress President Kharge and Rahul Gandhi during the historic ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’.

these are Five Justices of Congress

According to the Congress, its manifesto will be based on the party’s five principles of justice – ‘Participation Justice’, ‘Kisan Justice’, ‘Women’s Justice’, ‘Labour Justice’ and ‘Youth Justice’. The five guarantees that the party has talked about under ‘Youth Justice’ include the promise of providing 30 lakh government jobs and giving Rs 1 lakh to the youth under the apprenticeship program for one year. The party has given a ‘guarantee’ to conduct caste census under ‘shared justice’ and remove the 50 percent limit of reservation. Under ‘Kisan Nyay’, legal status to minimum support price, formation of loan waiver commission and GST-free farming have been promised.

These are the guarantees of Congress

young Justice :

  • 1. First job guaranteed – Every educated youth has the right to apprenticeship of Rs 1 lakh
  • 2. Recruitment Trust – 30 lakh government jobs, all vacant posts will be filled as per calendar.
  • 3. Freedom from paper leaks – New laws and policies to stop paper leaks
  • 4. Gig-worker protection – Better working rules and complete social security for gig workers
  • 5. Yuva Roshni – New startup fund of Rs 5,000 crore for youth

women’s justice

  • 1. Mahalakshmi – Rs 1 lakh every year to a woman from every poor family.
  • 2. Half the population, full rights – 50% women reservation in new jobs of the central government.
  • 3. Honoring Shakti – Higher salary to Asha, Mid Day Meal and Anganwadi workers, with double government contribution
  • 4. Adhikar Maitri – An Adhikar-Saheli, who provides information about legal rights and government schemes to women, in every Panchayat.
  • 5. Savitri Bai Phule Hostel – Double hostel for working women

farmer justice

  • 1. ⁠Right Price – Legal guarantee of MSP, based on Swaminathan formula
  • 2. Debt Waiver – Permanent Commission to effectively implement the debt waiver plan.
  • 3. Direct transfer of insurance payment – ​​Transfer of money directly to the account within 30 days of crop loss.
  • 4. Proper import-export policy – ​​New import-export policy will be made with the advice of farmers.
  • 5. GST-free farming – GST will be removed from everything necessary for farming.

labor justice

  • 1. Respect for labor – Minimum daily wage of Rs 400, even in MNREGA
  • 2. Right to health for all – Health cover of Rs 25 lakh: free treatment, hospital, doctor, medicine, test, surgery.
  • 3. ⁠Urban Employment Guarantee – New scheme like MNREGA for cities also
  • 4. Social Security – Life and Accident Insurance for Unorganized Workers
  • 5. Secure employment – ​​Contract system wages stopped in main government works

stake justice

  • 1. Count – Count every person, every class for social and economic equality.
  • 2. Right to reservation – SC/ST/OBC got full right to reservation by removing 50% limit through constitutional amendment.
  • 3. Legal guarantee of SC/ST sub plan – More SC/ST population, more budget, i.e. more share.
  • 4. Legal rights of water, forest and land – decision on leases under forest rights law within 1 year
  • 5. Apna Dharti, Apna Raj – Where ST is highest, money is applicable there

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