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Child Health Care Tips: Children also have the habit of overeating, this is how they can improve their habit… – Bollywood Keeda

It is generally said that adults overeat, but you will be surprised to know that not only adults but also children have the habit of overeating. Children are not intelligent enough to know about their diet or health. In such a situation, parents should take full care of their diet. If your child also has the habit of overeating, then wean him off it as soon as possible. Because due to overeating, children start having problems like stomach ache, diarrhea or vomiting. Today we will tell you some tips with the help of which you can overcome your child’s habit of overeating.

set meal time

If you are worried about your child’s habit of overeating, then you will have to take good care of his diet. For this, it is most important that you set a time for your child to eat. Children keep eating something or the other every now and then and hence they feel hungry again and again. In such a situation, you will have to set a time as to how many times a day the child should eat. Also ensure that the child follows these rules properly. Read More – Monalisa shared photo in olive color swimsuit, showed charming looks at the age of 41…

Keep the child’s plate separate while eating

Often parents start feeding food to their children from their own plate and in such a situation it is not known how much quantity the child is eating. Therefore, it is better that whenever you sit down to eat, put a separate plate for the child and serve food according to his diet. This will remove the problem of overeating.

Focus on kitchen items

If your child has a habit of overeating, then you should pay special attention to the items kept in your kitchen. For example, if you keep unhealthy snacks and packet items etc. in your kitchen, then children will eat them again and again and you will prevent them from overeating even if you want to. Read More – Thursday of Aghan: Welcome Goddess Lakshmi with 15 beautiful Alpana Rangoli designs…

Do not turn on TV while eating

Most of the parents complain that their child does not eat food without using TV or phone. This is a very bad habit because while watching TV, children do not realize how much food they have eaten. Due to this, overeating occurs. Therefore, try to switch off the TV while eating and do not give them mobile phones either.


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