Chhattisgarh: Kidnapped an innocent child for money, couldn’t find a place to hide the child, then murdered the body and burnt it, demand raised to demolish the house of the accused – Bollywood Keeda

Dilshad Ahmed, Surajpur. Police have arrested two accused who murdered an innocent child and demanded ransom in Pratappur police station area of ​​the district. The remains of 10-year-old Rishu, who went missing from Pratappur on January 29, were recovered by the police from the forest on Sunday. After this, people got angry and the local people demonstrated demanding hanging of the accused and demolition of their houses. Meanwhile, today Surajpur Superintendent of Police MR Ahire has revealed the murder case. Two youths who were neighbors of Rishu had committed the crime. The police have sent both the accused to jail.

SP said that Shubham Soni and Vishal Tamrakar, who lived in Rishu’s neighbourhood, had committed the crime. Both needed money for their business. Both of them planned to kidnap the child after watching TV shows CID and Crime Patrol. For this, first they called deceased Rishu near the bridge by luring him with food and then took him towards the forest, but when they could not find any place to hide Rishu, it became difficult for them to handle Rishu for long. . Frustrated with this, they killed him by hitting him on the head, took out petrol from the bike, burnt his body and returned to their home.

The accused also planned to demand ransom money. For this, first he looted the mobile phone of a passerby, then using that phone he demanded ransom money from Rishu’s family. On the other hand, the police was registering the case and investigating all aspects. The challenge was increasing for him. The way this incident was carried out in a vicious manner, the police worked very hard and successfully gathered solid clues. After this, when the police interrogated the accused, they confessed to their crime. However, the police have registered a case against the accused and sent both the youths to judicial custody.

Residents sitting on the road demanding hanging of the murderers and demolition of the house of the accused

Rishu’s family members are sitting on a dharna on Pratappur Ambikapur main road demanding demolition of the house of the murderers and hanging them. The city residents and public representatives are also supporting this and are sitting on the road with the family members. Everyone is adamant on the demand of hanging the murderers and demolishing their houses. Due to sit-in on the road, traffic on Pratappur-Ambikapur main road has been disrupted. The family members say that they will not come off the road until the murderers are hanged and their houses are demolished. In view of the matter, a large number of police administration teams are present on the spot.

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