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Chhat Puja 2023: Decorate Daura-Soup like this for Chhath Puja, know what important things to keep… – Bollywood Keeda

Chhath festival is celebrated six days after Diwali. Especially in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, the great festival Chhath is celebrated with great pomp. Chhath Puja has started from yesterday i.e. 17th November 2023 and the Chhath devotees took Prasad of Pumpkin Chanadaal vegetable and Arwa rice after taking bath in Nahay-Khay. The four-day Chhath will be celebrated from 17-20th November. There are different methods in puja every day. Bathing and eating is done on the first day. Kharna is done on the second day and there is a tradition of offering Arghya to the Sun on the third and fourth day. For Sandhya and Usha Arghya, the fasting person and the entire family go to the river, pond or ghat. During this, people carry soup, daura, daala etc. on their heads to the ghat.

The devotee uses this basket to offer Arghya to the Sun God and to worship Chhathi Maiya. Therefore, before going to the ghat, the basket is decorated well and all the necessary ingredients are kept in it. Let us know how to decorate the basket, soup or dala of Chhath Puja and what things should be kept in it.

Necessary materials to decorate Chhath Daura

Soup, Daura or Daliya (bamboo or brass), coconut, sugarcane, sweet potato, honey box, betel nut, caraway, incense, amla, lemon big, dagra, red paddy, rice, turmeric, jaggery, betel leaf, fruits, Lamp, sugarcane, flowers, Thekua Prasad, makeup items, vermillion, red or yellow cloth (for tying the soup)

How to decorate Chhath Puja

In Chhath Puja, the Daura is decorated very beautifully to offer Arghya to the Sun. First of all, wash the soup or daura, clean it and dry it. After this, apply vermillion on it and place betel leaves on both sides of the soup. Keep all the fruits and prasad in it. Some people keep 5 or 11 prasad and fruits. After this, tie it tightly with a cloth. Be sure to keep jaggery in the soup, it is considered very auspicious. After this, light lamps on both sides of the soup. After burning the soup in this way, the family members carry it on their heads and go to the ghat. There is a Chhath Puja song to be taken to Daura Ghat.

The glass is the bamboo skirt, the skirt swings, the skirt swings.
Isn’t it Balam ji Kahariya, Bahangi will cause losses, Bahangi will cause losses.


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