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Chhat Puja 2023: All these Prasad have special importance in Chhath Puja, definitely include all these things in your puja… – Bollywood Keeda

Chhat Puja 2023: On hearing the name Chhath festival, a different glow comes in the minds of the people of Bihar. Chhath festival has started from today. Chhath festival is considered to be the most difficult fast of Hindu religion because this festival starts from Nahay Khay. Lasts for four full days.

Arghya is considered very important in the festival of Chhath. According to religious beliefs, offering Arghya to the Sun God on the day of Chhath festival relieves the body of all kinds of diseases. Chhath festival is dedicated to nature. The Prasad offered during Chhath festival has a very special significance. Today we will tell you what are the Prasad offered in Chhath festival. So let us know in detail.

Thekua (Chhat Puja 2023)

If we talk about Prasad during the festival of Chhath, the name of Thekua comes first. According to religious beliefs, Thekua is considered not only as Prasad but as Mahaprasad. Thekua is made of jaggery and flour.

Banana (Chhat Puja 2023)

In astrology, banana is considered a pure fruit. It is believed that banana is very much liked by Chhath Maiya as Prasad. In such a situation, on the day of Chhath festival, raw banana is offered along with ripe banana.

Dabh Lemon (Chhat Puja 2023)

Dabh lemon is bigger than normal lemon. It is offered as Prasad.

Coconut(Chhat Puja 2023)

According to religious beliefs, Chhath festival is considered incomplete without coconut. In such a situation, coconut with water must be used as Prasad on the day of Chhath festival.

Sugarcane (Chhat Puja 2023)

According to religious beliefs, sugarcane is considered a very auspicious fruit. Also, Chhath Mata is very fond of sugarcane. In such a situation, sugarcane must be used as Prasad on the day of Chhath festival. It is believed that Chhath festival is considered incomplete without sugarcane.

Water chestnut (Chhat Puja 2023)

Water chestnut fruit has many medicinal properties. Besides, it is also considered a very pure fruit. In such a situation, water chestnut is offered as Prasad during Chhath festival.

Betel nut (Chhat Puja 2023)

Betel nut has great importance in Chhath festival. It is said that during Chhath festival, a resolution is taken with betel nut.

Rice Laddus (Chhat Puja 2023)

During the festival of Chhath, paddy is harvested and farmers make laddus from new paddy rice and offer it to Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya. It is believed that people consume rice from the new crop only after offering rice laddus to Chhath Maiya.


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